Tipster Ranking

A short ranking of all the profitable tipster we’ve reviewed so far based on their return on investment.

  1. Nigel Seeley (58.63%)
  2. Europe’s Elite Dave (19.6%)
  3. PinchBet (3.7%)
  4. In-Play Man (2.8%)
  5. Sportsologists (1.0%)
  6. SpreadWizard (-5.0%)
  7. YBK (-6.0%)
  8. Brilliant Bets (-7.9%)

Please note that return on investment is not the only relevant stat when determining how good a tipster or service actually is. It doesn’t account for the different volumes of picks the tipster makes which may result in an equal net profit between tipsters with a vastly different ROI. We chose to use this metric for our ranking because it’s just the easiest one to compare profitability with. For further details on each tipster please read the reviews.