Review: In-Play Man

Twitter: @InplayMan


“Top notch bets and top notch banter. The winning and sarcasm is endless!”

“In-Play Man” posts pre-game soccer picks on his website and in-play soccer picks on his Twitter. For this review we only tracked the “#IPMBetOfTheDay” from his website and his in-play picks. There are some challenges and accumulators posted on the website, but he mentions that those aren’t serious bets because they won’t be profitable in the long run.

The BetOfTheDay was tracked with 4 units per pick and the in-play picks were tracked according to his staking plan with 1 to 3 units per pick.


  • Soccer


  • Both

Preferred Bet Type

  • Match Goals
  • Multiple other bet types


  • Picks tracked: 106
  • Hit rate: 64.2%
  • Return on investment: 2.8%
  • Net profit: 7.35 units


While these stats may not seem overly impressive, we have to note that “In-Play Man” hit a losing streak late during our review. His ROI hovered between 5% and 10% for the majority of our time tracking him. Unfortunately, he lost a few of his BetOfTheDay (4 unit stakes) in a row which put a damper on the final results.

Should you choose to follow his Twitter you will get snarky remarks towards followers who ask annoying (in his eyes) questions. You will also get a lot of “BOOOM” and updates on how the picks are going.

Easily the best part of his service (apart from the picks themselves) are the stat packs he releases on a regular basis. They will be a tremendous help for your own betting adventures.

Review: PinchBet (free)

Twitter: @pinchbet
Website: PinchBet

“The leading Inplay Football Tipster on Twitter. FREE. A consistent winner.”

A pretty bold claim to make. Let’s see what PinchBet has to offer.


  • Soccer


  • Mostly In-Game, occasionally Pre-Game

Preferred Bet Types

  • Asian Handicap (44%)
  • Goal Line (19%)
  • Total Goals (16%)


  • Hit rate: 41%
  • Return on investment: 3,7%
  • Net profit: 3,85 units

PinchBet’s own stats (not tracked by us)


PinchBet picks a pretty high number of in-play bets and you would be well advised to turn on notifications on Twitter for them if you want to keep up.

Due to their sheer volume of bets, it should also be noted that it’s only natural to have a lower ROI. Instead, it results in a higher absolute return. Thus the fact that we track tipsters for a fixed number of bets and not for a specific amount of time puts PinchBet at a disadvantage in terms of net profit. Over the course of a month or half a year, PinchBet would have picked a significantly higher volume of bets than most tipsters which would result in a higher net profit.

Their Twitter is absolutely spam free and will just provide you with their picks and an update if the bet was won or lost. Furthermore, they’re genuinely nice people who will go out of their way to answer your questions.