Review: YBK


YBK posts picks for NFL, NCAAF, NBA, NCAAB, and MLB. We tracked picks from every category.


  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Baseball


  • Pre-Game

Preferred Bet Type

  • Point Spread


  • Picks tracked: 150
  • Hit rate: 51.3%
  • Return on investment: -6.0%
  • Net profit: -23.8 units

Stats provided on the YBK Website (not verified by us)

Current Seasons:
MLB ’17: 393-335-31 +121.84u
NBA ’18: 56-52-5 -2.85u
NFL ’17: 42-52-4 -29.90u
NCAAF ’17: 129-121-8 +9.60u

Previous Seasons:
NBA: 500-453-25 +63.45u
March Madness: 32-34 +3.15u
NFL: 92-91-11 -27.60u
NCAAF: 138-116-5 +60.70u
MLB: 40-25 +39.93u


First of all, I have to say that I love the transparency of the website and the no-bullshit-presentation of YBK’s picks. As far as I know, there’s no social media activity at all and everything is just done on the website alone.

We tracked 13 NCAAB picks (-14.2% ROI), 27 NFL picks (-10.6% ROI), 69 NCAAF picks (-2.4% ROI), 29 NBA picks (-3.3% ROI), 11 MLB picks (-7.8% ROI), and 1 Baseball pick from another league.

Unfortunately, YBK wasn’t profitable for our tracked picks. However, if you compare our sample size of the various sports to the overall number of picks stated on the website (for comparison: we tracked just 11 out of 759 possible MLB picks – about 1.45% of all possible MLB picks) you can see that this review should be taken with at least a grain of salt.

We have no indication that any of the stats posted on the YBK website itself might be false.

You could very well give parts of his picks portfolio a chance and see for yourself.

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