Review: Nigel Seeley (free)

Twitter: @seeley_nigel
Website: The Sun Favourite

Nigel Seeley writes betting articles for The Sun and that’s where we have tracked all his free picks from. He also picks Darts, Tennis and Football as part of paid membership programs. You can find more on that on his Twitter.

This review will be a little different than the previous ones because Nigel Seeley always picks three different bets for any game or event he writes about. He calls these bets “Star”, “Next Best” and “Outsider” and the odds reflect that. We chose to track bets of all three categories with the same stakes.


  • Soccer
  • Golf


  • Pre-Game

Preferred Bet Type

  • Full Time Result
  • Both Teams To Score
  • To Win Outright


  • Hit rate: 28%
  • Return on investment: 58,63%
  • Net profit: 59,80 units


The stats above are the combined stats for all three of Nigel Seeley’s categories. It should be noted that the 100 tracked bets weren’t distributed equally on these categories (44% “Star”, 30% “Next Best”, 26% “Outsider”).

Interesting is that the “Star” picks alone weren’t profitable (Hit rate: 43,2%, Return on investment: -24,4%, Net profit: -10,75 units) but were overall saved by two spectacular hits in the “Next Best” and “Outsider” categories with the biggest overall win coming from Danny Willett (“Outsider” pick) winning the US Masters 2016 with odds of 67,00.

Two huge Golf wins are what kept Nigel Seeley afloat during the time we tracked him. These two wins came at a respectable hit rate of 16,7% though. The only other category that proved to be profitable were his “Next Best” Soccer picks with a return on investment of 16,2% and a hit rate of 25%.

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