Review Method

How do we at All About Odds create our reviews?

We check the odds for each pick independently to avoid the tracking of unrealistic odds. We track each pick with realistic odds we can get from different bookmakers.

Previously we used fixed stakes of 1 unit for every pick because we felt that it would be easier to compare different tipsters that way. Since March 2017 our tracking follows the provided staking plans by the tipster. If there’s no staking plan provided we default back to 1 unit fixed stakes.

Sample Size
How big a sample size should be to indicate if a tipster is profitable or not is highly debatable. The bigger the sample size, the better and more accurate the results. As a review website, you have to find a middle ground between a sample size that’s big enough to draw conclusions on and small enough to keep the time it takes to review a tipster reasonable.

With that in mind, we decided on a sample size of 150 bets.
(Profitable tipsters will be tracked even after the review is posted and the stats will be updated with a bigger sample size.)

Stats Tracked

  • Net profit
  • Return on investment (ROI)
  • Hit rate
  • Multiple other stats