Review: Brilliant Bets

Twitter: @BrilliantBets

Website: Brilliant Bets

Membership Price: £3.99/Month

“We provide high probability insight and analysis, allowing you to finally bet with confidence.

Brilliant Bets provides a mixture of free picks and picks behind a paywall. The picks are offered on their website and they also operate through a separate Telegram channel. Unfortunately, Brilliant Bets wasn’t interested in a review of their paid picks so we can’t comment on those. They do however post (some) of their free picks on Reddit and that’s where we collected this data.


  • Soccer


  • Pre-Game

Preferred Bet Type

  • Both Teams To Score
  • Full-Time Result
  • Total Goals


  • Hit rate: 57.9%
  • Return on investment: -7.9%
  • Net profit: -9.90 units


We asked Brilliant Bets for free access to their premium picks for review purposes and were denied. Their reason for this was that their premium picks are made public after a few days so we should just track them then. However, that makes it impossible to tell if the picks have been edited or if the posted odds are realistic. Long story short: It would have been against pretty much all of our review policies.

Instead, we chose to track their free picks posted on Reddit with the results above. Brilliant Bets claim that their picks are profitable if you follow all picks from the website. We can neither confirm nor deny that. Maybe the most profitable picks (and thus the picks that allegedly keep their balance in the black) are kept behind the membership paywall.

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