About Us

It’s time to answer your two most important questions: Who are we and why can you trust us?

All About Odds is a project born out of frustration with the ever-growing crowd of people trying their hand at sports betting. During the last 10 years, the sports betting industry has been booming and nowadays you can’t watch a (televised) soccer game without being bombarded with ads from all the different bookmakers. The advertising campaigns lure the masses with quickly and easily earned money and the masses followed. With them came a wave of money and more people trying to get a slice of the pie.

That leaves us with lots of new people diving into the world of sports betting looking for anything that will give them an edge. Great news! There are thousands of Twitter accounts, podcasts, and websites offering free picks to follow with your own money. There’s just the little problem that most of them aren’t even close to being profitable and a lot of them profit from your losses through affiliate marketing with the bookmakers.

All About Odds tracks picks from all the different sources and publishes reviews on their individual profitability. We established guidelines for our review method to keep our process transparent and credible.

Beyond that, we try to help our community with useful guides and knowledge about sports betting.

Follow only the best with All About Odds.